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Read the results of our two recent surveys of local opinion:

(1) Shaping Alton’s Future

SURVEY RESULTSIn summary… We live in a caring community, but residents have real fears for the future. The town centre and the scale and speed of development are over-riding concerns, with much hope pinned on the Coors site…”


(2) The Redevelopment of the Molson Coors Brewery Site

This analysis of 500 responses is presented in two parts:

PART ONE - containing an Introduction and Overview, followed by summaries of answers to questions 2 to 8

PART TWO - lists all the Question 9 responses “Any other comments” in full. We have omitted names to keep the comments anonymous.

And - two relevant documents:

THE SOCIETY’S PROPOSALS for improving the “Illustrative Masterplan” for the Coors Site

And HERE, for reference, is the “Illustrative Masterplan” itself.